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Ukusetyenziswa kweesarha zeChain ezinokufuduswa okwahlukeneyo kunye nobukhulu obahlukileyo beBar kunye neChayini

Nov 11,2020 320

There are many types of chain saws, which can be determined according to your own needs. If cut small diameter or for household use,25.4CC with 10” or 12” bar is enough, generally for saw fruit trees, moso bamboo, etc., the cutting length can be 20—22cm. Also a little bigger displacement like 37.2/38.2CC with 16” bar is a good choice,and for this the cutting diamter can reach 30cm.

Then there is a medium-sized 45-58 type with a displacement from 45CC to 58CC,can be with 16 to 22” bar. Professional logging;and these are the most popular size now.

The biggest is the 62CC with 20” or 22” bar,the cutting diameter can be 52cm.