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Nowadays, people are getting f...

Nowadays, people are getting fond of growing their own little gardens and backyards. Gardening is a relaxing hobby and satisfying at the same time, as you’re contributing towards a greener and healthier ecosystem. But it can be exhausting sometimes, when it comes to selecting the right gardening tool for your lawn. If you’re one of them, then you’re at the right place. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional horticulturist, selection of the best gardening tools is the key step.
Gardening can be a lot easier with the right gardening tools. It may seem simple, but it’s always a good idea to invest good time and effort while searching for the appropriate tool. Following steps might be considered in this regard:
· The size and weight of the tool must be the one you feel most comfortable one. Whether it’s a hedge trimmer or a shear, the selection depends on your comfort level with the either product.
· Length of the handles can greatly reduce the effort you need to put for a job. It’s always a good idea to use long handled tools to achieve maximum exertion by applying a minimal force.
· Handle grips are another important factor to consider. Padded grips can help avoid aching and blisters. You can easily work in a rainy weather by choosing tools with non-slip and ergonomic grips.
· Material and strength should be the ultimate standard while selecting the right gardening tool. The more high-quality material is used, the equipment will last for a longer time.
Even if you consider all the above-mentioned steps, you can still get confused by the number of options available in the market. But don’t worry! We have brought a complete guide for you to choose from multiple options. You can trust the following top-rated brands for wholesale suppliers for garden tools. Let’s proceed!


Titan Machinery can provide you the ultimate solution for all your gardening needs. Titantec is a leading company in manufacturing and supplying garden tools and accessories. Titantec is delivering Earth Auger, Hedge Trimmer, Gasoline Chain Saw, Multifunctional Cutter, Brush Cutter and many other gardening tools.
Skilled and technical staff, having strong grip over their work, coupled with the advanced and innovative manufacturing processes have enabled Titantec to satisfy the needs of each customer segment. They are producing both, gasoline-powered and lithium battery operated devices, so the customers can choose according to their ease.
Innovation is the core value of Titantec. With a competent team of experts and engineers, who are investing good time and effort in doing research, Titantec come up with at least 15 new designs and products each year. Apart from these, you can also get the differentiated products to compete the rivalries.
The production capacity of Titantec is well-suited to meet the ever-increasing market demand. A number of advanced equipment has been introduced in the production lines to ensure the quality and boost the production capacity. The Titantec automated factory is not only offering the required quality, but also ensuring the on-time delivery.  
It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or a newbie in gardening, Titantec has a complete range of products for converting your garden to a lush green terrace.

Spear and Jackson

Based in Sheffield, Spear and Jackson has been the top priority of horticulturists, landscapers and agricultural contractors. With a history of more than 261 years in the market, the brand is striving to provide the best gardening solutions which satisfy the wise range of needs. They believe in innovations and will never let you down in your gardening experience.
The product line is extremely diverse and so you can find anything which suits your budget and skill level. If you’re looking for the gardening tools to maintain your backyard in tip-top position, Spear and Jackson is the right brand for you.

Garden Express

Garden Express is the largest supplier of garden tools operating in Australia. Here is all you need for your garden’s maintenance, on the same platform. And what’s more interesting about them is, you get everything delivered at your doorstep. Isn’t it just amazing?
Along with garden tools & accessories, Garden Express is also dealing in wide range of living garden products for needs of all garden types and seasons.  The easy order placement and quick delivery service makes it the best choice for the customers.

Burgon and Ball are the best sellers of garden tools made of steel and they know, how to turn a piece of iron or steel into a fine, high-quality products to suit your garden needs. For ensuring the quality of products, the company has collaborated with several other partners operating in the same niche. Their experience over the centuries and innovative approach towards problem solving allow them to come up with unique designs that satisfy the customers’ needs.
To sum up, Burgon and Ball garden tools are the best amalgam of stylish designs and quality. Based in the steel city of Sheffield, Burgon and Ball Garden Supplies has maintained its heritage since 1730.

Down to Earth Distributors

This company is dealing in a wide range of garden tools and accessories, ranging from high-tech garden tools to elegant pieces for gifts. Apart from garden tools, Down to Earth Distributors are also providing a complete range of kitchen products, sustainable products, houseware, books, table top, and many other.
When it comes to gardens and lawns, the company has wholesale garden supplies, natural fertilizers, floral supplies, catalogues, plant care and garden guides.
Gardener’s Supply Company

Are you a newbie in gardening and don’t know how to maintain your backyard? If yes, then Gardner’s Supply Company is the best solution for you. You can not just get your gardening tools delivered at your doorstep, but can also get an expert advice anywhere anytime.
Along with dealing in the top-quality products, the company is also contributing a significant amount to the sustainable and healthier environment. 8% of the company’s profit is re-invested in non-profit organizations. At its own gardens, the company has always been experimenting and testing the new products for their suitability for various garden requirements and eco-friendliness.

MTS Gardening Services

MTS Pest Control & Gardening Services has started with an idea to satisfy the hobby of plant lovers. Especially if you’re a working woman or even a housewife with busy schedule, MTS Gardening Services can provide you all the tools and assistance that you might need to make your garden beautiful.
If you’re a beginner in gardening niche, you can get your problem solved here. Just pick up your phone and contact for free consultation services from the experts at MTS Gardening. The company is also providing one of the best pest control, fumigation and landscaping services for your garden.

Terrebonne Earth Tools & Supplies

Since 1985, Terrebonne Limited is dealing in the top-rated tools and accessories for all your garden needs. They have a diverse product range comprising of hand tools, long handle tools, watering tools, planting supplies, pruning & grafting tools and garden accessories. If you want to involve your children in gardening, you can get comprehensive garden tools for kids.
The best thing about Terrebonne is that they are delivering the best quality garden tools at reasonable prices as compared to their competitors. On-time delivery of the products is at the time of Terrebonne Supplies and all the orders placed before 2 p.m. Pacific will be delivered on the same day. However, the orders after that will be delivered the very next day. Have you experienced any faster delivery than this?

Corona Tools

Corona Tools is providing the best gardening solutions according to the expectations of the expert horticulturists and those longing for the professional look for their gardens. Since 1920s, they are the market leaders in manufacturing and supplying gardening tools. Their current product line includes landscaping, garden & lawn, agricultural, construction and irrigation tools and accessories.
The extensive research and development which Corona invests in the manufacturing of its products make it the best choice for gardeners, professionals and contractors.

Trade Wheel

Trade Wheel has brought the extraordinary collection of all the tools and accessories for turning your backyard into a lush green garden. They are providing the unique and diverse range of hanging pots, covers, trays, grow packs and basket liners and all of the premium quality but at reasonable prices.
Trade Wheel is the global marketplace for B2B trading. They have been striving for more than two centuries to connect the traders and ensure the successful dealings for both parties.

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